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The 7X Players



Scott Newton - Guitars, Vocals

Scott’s influences trace back to folk of the early 70s - and later, the music of Pink Floyd, The Who, and Genesis. Today, his influences are all across the board.  He was a founding member of Eddie O’Neale, which was based out of Southwestern Michigan in the early 80s. After Eddie O’Neale he helped form Lost Luggage and played primarily in the Chicago area. After Lost Luggage, he began recording as a solo artist and has since released six CDs through his Rubber Wombats Records label.  His most release, "The Days Are Moving On" was completed in 2013.


Steve Haraburda - Guitars, Vocals

Steve, soon after picking up guitar, focused on the techniques of guitar legends like Eric Clapton, Steve Howe and Jimmy Page. His musical influences are diverse - ranging from Yes to the Dixie Dregs. His early music pursuits found him involved with several bands before eventually forming Eddie O’Neale. Following Eddie O’Neale, Steve played in Kala Azar, and then worked with Lost Luggage until it disbanded. Steve has remained active as a music producer and is currently working on his first solo release at his "All Good Things" studio.



Sam DeMarco - Bass

Sam is perhaps best known as an original member of the acclaimed band Risk – the Elmhurst-based band that was a mainstay in the Chicago club scene throughout the 80s and much of the 90s. He was featured on the recording of “Baby When Your Love Comes Down” on the Class of 1985 album.


Vern Hammersmith - Drums

Vern has played in a number of Chicago bands and various projects over the past 27 years. He started his music career as a guitar player, but moved to drums in his first band – and has been sitting behind the kit ever since. Vern was heavily influenced by John Bonham, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple - and now favors the Bo Deans, Dave Mathews and Matchbox 20.






Greg Errandi - Guitars, Vocals

Greg, a recent addition to the band, is anything but a newcomer. He was a founding member of Eddie O’Neale and later with Steve in Kala Azar. During Scott and Steve’s time with Lost Luggage, Greg was the band’s sound engineer, and continued behind the board with Project 7X until joining the band in 2011 – appearing first at the CD Release show of the Taglines.


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