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Here's the place for the latest information on Project 7X and other items of interest.


If you've got anything you'd like us to post - please contact us at


If you'd like to relive the past, please visit the Project 7X News Archive Page.





A Rocking New Year's Eve with Project 7X


Project 7X is pleased to be closing out 2014 at the Vino Cellar in Lombard, Illinois. 


The Vino Cellar

141 W. St. Charles Rd., Lombard Illinois

Located in the heart of downtown Lombard, just west of Main Street


The festivities begin at 7:00.  Be sure to join us for some new surprise music, as well as some great wine and beer.


We hope to see you there!



Rocking Downtown Lombard


Project 7X is pleased to be on the schedule for two shows in downtown...


Lilac Time Craft Fair

May 4, 2014

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Lombard Cruise Nights

July 12, 2014

6:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Both of the festivities will be taking place at the corner of St. Charles Road and Park in the heart of downtown Lombard.


We hope to see you there!




The Guys are Back...from LA? ... Huh?


Here, at the secret Project 7X website facility in beautiful Stickney, Illinois, we’ve received many emails asking about the guys. Questions like, “Where have they been? Why aren’t they playing out? When can we expect our money?” have become daily inquiries.

According to a statement in January the band’s agent, Cy Burnett, reported they disappeared sometime last fall.

“They played at a fundraiser in Summit, Illinois last October. About a week later, I started calling them about the Finkelstein Bar Mitzvah, but they never called me back,” Burnett said.

Then a few days ago, the Project 7X Central Office received a surprising phone call from Steve. The following is a transcript of that conversation.

(Steve) Who the hell is this? Why are you calling me?

(Office) Is that you Steve?

Vern and Jay Leno
Vern mugging for the camera with Jay Leno at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.

(Steve) Yeah, this is Steve. What’s happening?

(Office) Where are you? What happened to the band?

(Steve) Oh, the guys are fine; we’ve been hanging out here in LA.

(Office) What are you doing in LA?

(Steve) After the fundraiser in October, we thought we’d take a road trip to LA and promote the Taglines CD, so we took off that night. We were on the road for four weeks; some stuff happened out there man. Anyway, so we get out here and start performing the Taglines material at a few Starbucks’ locations around Pasadena. It got kind of crazy after that.

Steve and Sandra Bullock
Steve and Sandra Bullock at a Best Buy in West Hollywood, CA - February 2013.
(Office) What have you been doing out there for five months?

(Steve) Basically, we’ve been crashing celebrity parties and giving out copies of the Taglines CD. It’s awesome, man, they love it. Last week, I woke up in Justin Bieber’s pool house, oh, and just this morning, I had breakfast with Sandy [Bullock] at IHOP. I’ve been helping her out; she’s got some computer problems.

(Office) What are the other guys up to?

(Steve) Oh, let’s see. Scott hooked up with Jen [Aniston] and they’ve been trying to pitch a movie to 20th Century Fox. Have you been hearing about a Friends reunion movie? Well that’s what they’re working on. And what’s cool is that it’s going to be a sequel in the Predator series – it’s going to be called Friends vs. Predator. That’s gonna be awesome.

Scott and Jennifer Aniston
Scott and Jennifer Aniston at a PR event for the upcoming Friends reunion film, Friends vs. Predator.
As for Sam, he met up with J.Lo [Jennifer Lopez] at a Jack in the Box in Malibu. And now he’s doing some modeling for her fashion line. He’s also producing her next CD. It’s going to be her cross-over into Spanish language polka. Sam’s really been into the polka thing since doing that session work with The Wizards of Wangdoodle.

(Office) What about Vern?

(Steve) Oh yeah, he’s an actor now. Last week he told me he’d just wrapped up shooting for some blockbuster that’s coming out next Christmas. It’s one of those alien vampires take over the world films; it’s got Betty White, Shecky Greene, Pee-wee Herman. It should be awesome. Didn’t you see him at the Golden Globe Awards in January? He presented the award for best YouTube video of kids blowing up &#!$.

(Office) Are you guys staying out there for good?

(Steve) No, we’re getting burned out on the non-stop LA party scene. Plus we’ve been rehearsing and working on some new material, and we’re ready to get back to our roots there in Illinois.

Sam and Jennifer Lopez
Sam and Jennifer Lopez; Sam is producing her new CD of Spanish language polka.
(Office) So what’s next?

(Steve) Well, first of all we’re going to be playing an outdoor festival in Lombard – that’s going to be Sunday, May 4th starting at 1:00. (Steve yelling off-phone) Yeah Sandy, open the browser, click on tools and then you need to click on manage ad-ons…yeah…yeah, just a minute.

Dude, I’ve got to go. Just have our equipment setup in Lombard for the May 4th show. (Steve yelling off-phone) OK now you have to reboot… (Hang-up)

So, that’s our latest report on Project 7X and it appears that they’ll be back this summer. In fact, since this call was received, we’ve heard from their agent Cy Burnett, and there will be some other shows including a show at the Lombard Cruise Nights in July.  Be sure to check the 7X website for breaking news.




Project 7X Appearing at Fundraiser for Paul Naples - Saturday, October 27, 2012


Project 7X is pleased to take part in a fundraiser for Paul Naples on Saturday, October 27, 2012

The event is to raise funds to assist Paul and his family. Paul suffers from complications of a liver transplant and has had numerous setbacks, needing continual 24-hour care.

The fundraiser will be held at the VFW Hall Post #6863, 7256 W. 63rd Street in Summit, Illinois (at the corner of Harlem and 63rd). Starting at 5:00 PM and ending at 10:00 PM, admission is $30 which includes food and entertainment. A cash bar will be available.

Project 7X will play two sets from 5:30 to 7:30, and the evening will conclude with a two hour show by The Wrong Boys (

Please come out and provide your support to Paul and his family.

We look forward to seeing you.


Project 7X CD Release Party for "The Taglines" ... Saturday, September 24th


The TaglinesWe're pleased to announce the Release Party for the new CD on September 24th. We'll be returning to Q Sports Bar and Grill in Darien for the festivities.


This will be an evening you won't want to miss.  The show will start at 9:30pm with a set of classic rock by Project 7X.  Following this, the band will play the material from "The Taglines" in its entirety.  Joining us to perform the music from the CD will be our good friends Greg Errandi (electric guitar/vocals), Jimmy Lyon (acoustic guitar/vocals) and Diana Lyon (percussion/vocals).


But what would a Release Party be without some prizes?  That's why copies of the CD and the stylish "Remember The Taglines" T-Shirts will be given away. (Click on the photos to the right for a closer look at the T-Shirts)  Be sure to bring a business card (or actually, anything with your contact information on it) to enter the raffle. 


For more information on Q Sports Bar and Grill, please visit their website at


We hope to see you there!!!





Project 7X CD "The Taglines" now available


The new CD is finally complete and available.  While it will take a little bit of time for "The Taglines" to arrive on the ITunes site and other digital outlets, copies are now available at the Project 7X Store.  To learn more about the story behind the project, please visit the About the Taglines page.




Upcoming CD - The Taglines: Mastering Process Complete


We're pleased to announce that the duplication process of the new CD, "The Taglines" is well underway.  The mastering process is complete and duplications should be arriving in the next two weeks.  After that, copies will be available from the 7X Online Store and the tracks will be available on ITunes and other digital outlets.


A CD release event is in the works as we cook up the details. Stayed tuned for more information.





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