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  In The House with Nasty Daddy G

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Hey, Nasty Daddy G:

Serious question, have you seen Project 7X? Rumor on the street has it that they've been holed up in some warehouse all winter, recording a CD...that would explain why we haven't heard from them in a while, but tell us, what's going on with the band?!??!



Yo person that didn't include a name:
It's about freakin' time someone asked me another question.  Even if it's from someone that's too scared to sign their name.  But the Nasty One is here to answer all your questions.


OK - where has Project7X been you ask?  How the ^&%* should I know!  I keep hearin’ about this frickin’ upcoming, soon to be released, super fantasmagoric CD that they've been workin' on!  Well let me tell ya I got your CD right here pal.  I wouldn't wet your pants waiting for it.  All I can say is they better come out with something soon, I just hope it’s not a pile of flaming 'you now what'!  Well I guess that's not all I can say. They may have to change their name to the Suicidal Squirrels after all and start playing Heavy Metal Ska Polka if they don't drop it soon....geeze!

Alright, maybe I am being a little hard on the guys.  I'm here to tell you that they've got some gigs scheduled for the summer - some outdoor stuff.  They're gonna be playing at a charity event in August.  So you gotta show up for that, or are you too cheap and selfish to attend a charity event?  Don't get me started, cause that guitar player Steve owes me 50 bucks, that cheap bastard!  I did have a chance a few months back to hear a couple of demo tracks and it sounded pretty cool.  So I'll give them a shout out and say just finish the damned thing already and start playin’ out so I can start workin' the rooms for babes again.

Thanks for your question you freakin’ moron!



Dear Nasty Daddy G:

So, I think that a better name for the band would be 'The Suicidal Squirrels' - what do you think about that? I also heard that sometimes, there's an acoustic off-shoot of this band, and they call themselves 'No-Talent Ass Clowns'. Is that for real? Unbelievable!

Signed, Gypsy the Pin Head


Yo Gypsy:
You bring up some interesting questions, but unfortunately, they don't interest ME. But since you're the first one to write to the Nasty One, I'll respond. First of all, The Suicidal Squirrels name is already taken. Check out the website at Those little bastards have issues. As for the acoustic off-shoot of Project 7X, what the $&#% are you talking about. Here's a website to checkout. It's at

OK, there's already a music group that uses the name No Talent Ass Clowns. They're a speed metal polka band out of Watersmeet, Michigan. If you want to buy one of their T-Shirts, which I'm sure you will, you can find it at

Listen up Gypsy, you nimrod. Get the facts straight before you pee on the leg of Nasty Daddy G.

Nasty Daddy G - 3/15/09

When the Project 7X boys asked me to post a Blog on their website, I said cool!  Then I thought, HEY!  I'm FREAKIN' Nasty Daddy G!  Is this gonna get me chicks, money, fame…WHAT THE HELL IS IN IT FOR ME?   Then I think, the 7X boys are OK - plus, I'm in charge of security at their shows.  So why not do the Blog?  But if this cuts in on my Chick Time,  it’s Hasta La Bye Bye. GOT IT!


So, here's my first Blog entry.  I bet you're wonderin what this Blog is gonna be about?  It's gonna be about whatever I want it to be.  You got a problem with that?   Maybe I'll answer some questions about the band - you know, since I work security for these guys, I see some pretty bizarre stuff.  Yeah, I'll tell you man, Steve is a good guitarist, but that MoFo is one messed up cat.  I bet he's even got one of those Tweatter accounts, spewing his twisted crap about the government and Cisco. 


Or maybe I'll tell you about what's really going on in the world man.  I've seen some freaky &$*@ man. Did you know that aliens are living among us.  Don't try to tell me you don't believe it.  You see em all the time.  The thing about the aliens is that they don't really know how to fit in to our world, so they stand out if you really look close.  Say you're in the grocery store, and you find this person standing in the aisle with their cart and they're all confused, and they don't seem to know that you wanna get by.  That's an alien man.  And when you're drivin around and you see someone in a car that doesn't really know that they're supposed to go at the green light, or use their turn signal before they swerve into your lane.  That's an alien man.  I've should rat em out to the government, but I'm kinda tryin to keep a low profile with the Feds - you know what I 'm sayin.


So that's what's going on with the Nasty One right now.  Send me a email and I'll get you straight man.  Do it man!






Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed by Nasty Daddy G do not represent those of Project 7X and no endorsement is implied. The guy's basically a loose cannon so don't blame us for anything he writes.

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