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Images - Performance at Cisco Lake Resort, Michigan (July 4, 2006)


Project 7X migrated up to the Northwoods in the U.P. of Michigan with friends and family for the 4th of July.  The entourage descended on North Shore Resort and had a couple days of hanging out by the water before playing a show at nearby Cisco Lake Resort on the evening of the 4th.


Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view

On Cisco Lake


North Shore Resort

Samantha getting ready for the first tube ride

Julie and Samantha on the bow

Michael at high speed

Scott tries out the wave runner

Steve ready to launch

Michael ready for another go around

Beginning the Circle of Doom Maneuver

Amanda and Johnny

High speed boating

Steve as the spotter

Sammy just before setting the tubing speed record

Julie zips by Cisco Lake Resort

Sammy and Steve on the pier

Michael at high speed

Sam and Samantha take a spin

Johnny acknowledging to the crowd

Jan and Samantha on the wave runner

Amanda and Johnny returning from dangerous wave runner trip

On Dale's Deck



Johnny and Amanda

Sam grooving out

On the deck featuring Johnny on the 5 gallon bucket


Perfecting the art of playing while swatting mesquitos

Performance at Cisco Lake Resort


A good sized group was on hand for the show

Dale Nordby started the evening with an opening set

Scott joined Dale for a number

Project 7X joined in with Dale on a few songs

7X starting their 2 hour show



Sam and Johnny

Scott and Steve



Cisco Lake Resort had some very cool fireworks

Julie trying out Chris' sparkley glasses

Try to stay away Amanda

Dale and Sam

I'm really sorry, we're not taking applications for groupies right now

Julie sitting in on drums

Julie's had enough

Chris and Samantha grooving to the tunes

Amanda and Samantha

P'Nut - the North Shore Resort goodwill ambassador


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