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Video - Vintage Footage of Steve and Scott in Lost Luggage at Mike's Body Shop (May 1983)


Here's the story.  In the early 80s, Steve and I were in the Lost Luggage band and played around the Western Suburbs of Chicago.  One of the places we played was Mike's Body Shop in Westmont.  It had once been an auto shop and had later been converted into a bar, restaurant and lounge.


After playing there those few times, I never heard anything else about Mike's.  Sometime later, I had driven by and found that it was no longer in operation.


Then, in the June 26, 2009 issue of the Chicago Tribune, I saw an article by Vikki Ortiz.  She writes an interesting column named "What ever happened to..."  Wouldn't you know, her column on this day was about Mike's Body Shop and its owner Mike Orrico.  In her article, she chronicled the background and eventual demise of Mike's.


Here's a link to Ortiz's Article on the Chicago Tribune.


Driving to work that morning, I remembered that we had shot a video of our performance there on May 24, 1983.  So I pulled out the old VHS videotape to digitize a clip for YouTube.  Then I figured I'd send Vikki a link to pass along to anyone that was interested.  I thought people who found the article interesting would like to see the video because it features a few panned shots of the club, including the bar and a variety of auto parts that adorned the place. 


Then, here's another weird little twist.  I start the videotape, and just as I remembered, it began with a few panned shots of the bar.  But what struck me odd was the jukebox music playing in the background - Beat It by Michael Jackson.  This struck me as very odd as he had just died the day before.


Anyway, here's the clip of Lost Luggage playing at Mike's Body Shop in 1983 - including a few general shots of the establishment.








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