Icarus Ascending
Dan Fogelberg

Soaring alone upon a threatening wind
Just fix your eyes on the horizon
Cut off from everything youíve known or have been
I shouldnít think itís so surprisiní

Spiraling upward on a freshening lift
Reaching the realms of fleet Apollo
You have been given the most sacred of gifts
You must be fearless now and follow

Donít look down
Though your heart may be weary
Donít look down
Though your wings are on fire
Donít look down
Though the night may seem endless
Thereís a reason youíre flying this fast and this far
Let your faith be your strength
And your love be your guiding star

Venturing further than the length of your sight
Out past the reach of your beginnings
There is a gamble in each proud act of flight
But the losses pale before the winnings

Circling and diving with this freedom youíve found
Illusion blows apart and scatters
There is no darkness in this place that we're bound
Love is the only thing that matters